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CEO, Jerry Royce of Positive Power XXi Christian Media, LLC. (PPXXICM), calls himself a corporate communications specialist.  He has unique skill-sets and experiences including time as a co-publisher, director of art (DA), community health advocate, entrepreneur and participant in the National Leadership Development Program (Office of the Deputy Commissioner of Human Resources, a Federal Government Sector).

Jerry has an Associate Arts Degree in Graphic Designs and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Corporate Communications. “When I was studying for my degree in graphic designs, I was also taking night classes in cable television production. I loved to edit and make the footage special," says Jerry.

Jerry Royce says, "today, the equipment and technology to produce quality television and movies have come a very long way—It’s 100 times better and affordable. In the past, cameras, crews and equipment were in the millions just to shoot a crappy movie, and television cameras were $100,000 or more". Jerry Royce is listed on the Internet Movie Data Base (IMDb).

Currently, Jerry oversees the operations of a Maryland-based Internet Radio Station, Television and Film company with TV operations in Atlanta, Georgia. They have business partners, affiliates, volunteers and underwriters that support their business operations globally.

The radio station is a collaboration of national radio hosts and Podcasters, FM Public Radio Stations and Foreign Partnerships around the world.

The Television Production sector is airing five (5) spiritual talk shows and a music video show for Indie Gospel and Christian Hip Hop Artists on four (4) Television stations in commercial, non-commercial and Public Access Television (broadcasting via cable, digital and Internet apps) in major metro marketplaces including Mississippi, Illinois and the Georgia regions.

The Television Production supports entrepreneurs, artists, organizations and corporate businesses by airing their content nationally and globally.

They have an in-house marketing department, private TV and radio studio and TV talents. In addition, they offer training in television for commercials, TV hosting and media coverage. They have pop-up studios in Georgia, Maryland and by this fall, North Carolina.

Positive Power has received over 55 radio and TV nominations, and awards in 7-years for broadcasting and collaborations.

They are currently producing Internet short films on three of their major platforms: Black Men in America, Domestic Violence and Diabetes.  They will be releasing a full featured “How-to...” film documentary about the world's epidemic, diabetes, and a television series called “Who I AM” (African American Men in America) on cable and Internet television.  

Look for more of Positive Power XXI Christian Media as they move powerfully into Children Television and Films.


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